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Because we care

Because we genuinely care about our clients’ successes, we go the extra mile.

Irrelevant of the number of features a platform boasts, no platform will ever be right for everyone and forever. Clearly, your business is unique, your organisational culture is unlike that of your closest competitor and so are your problems and opportunities. So for this reason, every platform we deliver is unique too. Of course, at the core of each platform, some functionalities are the same e.g. social feed, collaboration mechanisms, etc. But just as this is true, every platform also has its unique features. Some features are selected amongst the plethora we have already built whilst others will be custom-developed for you.

Now, even if customised, it would be naïve to assume that the perfect platform for your business today will remain perfect in a year’s time. Indeed, your environment, your strategies evolve – and so should your platform. That’s why, rich of our decades of experience in working with the most exigent corporations in the world, we will support you all the way to ensure that your social communication platform remains at all times relevant.

A sample of the platform's features

  • Social feed
  • Events
  • Notifications
  • Document management
  • Integrations
  • Profiles
  • Activities
  • Recognitions
  • Many languages available
  • Data security
  • Messaging and chats
  • Surveys
  • Articles and Videos
  • Statistics and Admin
  • Guaranteed +99.99% uptime

A tailored experience

As you now appreciate, a unique platform for a unique client based on unique set of challenges and opportunities is what makes our approach different.

Common requests include connecting with the clients’ internal login and member databases, developing specific features or modifying existing ones to better cater for the client’s needs, assessing security compatibilities with the client’s other systems as well as integrating towards other platforms or systems.

Our in-house development team offers a lot of possibilities so you may deploy the platform that actually delivers tangible business results.

- the core platform -


Any organisation with scattered teams (whether they are all over the globe or spread-out locally) faces the challenges of maintaining unity, of ensuring consistency in communication and of fostering timely sharing of relevant information to achieve better business results faster. Regardless of size, professional organisations must encourage collaboration, accelerate knowledge transfer, incentivise these and acknowledge as well as reward successful teams and individuals.

This is our solution

Our platform works as a virtual meeting place bringing all (or only specific ones) of your employees together online.

Apart from commonly known and proven methods of interaction – such as messages, status updates, comments, likes, etc. – we offer many other features to promote and facilitate real time exchange. Information libraries, pinning, search filters, FAQ sections are just some of these features. The platform also contains many effective ways of spreading internal information through curated articles, feeds, events and pulse. Information can be set to target specific people, group of people, or address the whole organisation.

By facilitating communication in multiple ways, ideas spread faster, tips travel, key learnings go viral. The outcome is faster business results on the ground.


Enterprise social networks are made of People not Features

What we have learned over time if that ‘features’ are just hygiene factors – namely, you need to have them but they alone will never be the reason for your internal communication efforts’ success.

Our platform has been built from the ground up rich of our experience in behavioral science, change management and strategy implementation. Features have been carefully designed starting from the user and up. A key rule for online engagement is to drive emotions through the screen – whether it’s from a laptop or a mobile device.

We take engagement to the next level

From the first interaction with the platform – whether as an employee or as an administrator – one appreciates how intuitive is the tool, how easy it is to use. That’s because it’s been designed for a purpose – your business purpose. In fact, our core platform has been refined and put to the test for hundreds of thousands of hours already and so by the most exigent corporations in the world.

Now the reason you will keep getting, with us, engagement that goes above and beyond the industry average is because together we will keep evolving your platform so the experience remains genuine, rewarding, and fun for your employees.


Monitor the progress of your initiatives, view detailed reports and statistics

As you probably already know, to bring a social platform to your employees will not translate in new employee-behaviours overnight nor will it deliver short-term business results. By using our extensive inbuilt statistics and reporting features however, you will be able to easily visualise key data points and extract relevant numbers and information. Our real time analytics will help you see the big picture.

Helping clients succeed

As far as we see it, success is twofold. There is the success in driving employees to use and leverage your platform AND there is the success of the project staff (across many functions but typically Communications, HR, L&D, Sales, IT).

In the analytics section, project staff have access to a multitude of relevant graphs, diagrams, statistics results and reports to support them in evaluating and communicating and reporting on progress and achievements.


Steer the development and outcome based on data, not guts

The late management thinker Peter Drucker once said ‘You cannot improve what you cannot measure’. Equipped with the right data to assess usage, real engagement in various activities, readership, etc. you will be able to take data-driven decisions – not just operate on hunches. And as far as our experience goes, this is where the difference between success and failure lies.

Empowering clients

Beyond being able to steer and control what happens next, you will have the power to act on events at any time and in real-time. Using the appropriate incentives and communication strategies provided by the platform, you will now safely steer your activities, initiatives, and projects toward success.

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