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Whilst it may sound obvious today, it was clearly not the case some years back. Back then, innovation was getting slower in contemporary organisations. Exacerbated by changes in demographics in the workplace, employees were getting disengaged and internal communication was getting messier, trickier with all its channels. What we saw, as companies struggled to drive change faster and more efficiently, was that tools like Yammer, Chatter, and the likes were simply not cutting it. And that’s how, coming from the management consulting industry, we started internalDesk (formely known as with the grand vision of helping companies around the globe in communicating their efforts internally faster and in a way that would be more engaging for the users i.e. employee-centric.

Tens of thousands of happy global employees later, whether an enterprise is looking at connecting a dispersed workforce, at transforming its corporate culture, at getting instant feedback on a particular process or product, at prolonging an event, a workshop, at increasing sales, internalDesk is the right tool to support. Beyond product excellence, our dedicated team of professionals is on duty around the clock to help clients succeed.

But it’s not just us anymore! Many companies around the globe – be they communication agencies, consultancy firms, individual coaches – are working with us and through internalDesk to support their clients in succeeding faster.

Today, internalDesk is used by some of the world’s most celebrated companies as well as by others less recognised – not less innovative – to accelerate their business.

We hope we will connect with you too soon!

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