Like you, we’ve been around. Before internalDesk we were working in-and-for small and large corporations. We’ve lived it. We’ve witnessed first-hand how hard it is to make it happen in an organisation, how vision without execution is, indeed, just hallucination. We’ve seen innovation stifles, we’ve seen ‘collaboration’ only largely being used on polished corporate posters, we’ve seen inefficiencies growing and mediocrity taking root.

But we also witnessed something else, something graver: the tools that were supposed to assist, supposed to help make organisations nimbler, better, more cohesive, were simply not cutting it. Whether produced by hip start-ups from the valley or by big established systems, products felt short of their promises.

The reason? They were just products.

And that’s how we came to be. Our conclusion is simple: irrelevant of the number of features a platform boasts, no platform will ever be right for everyone and forever.

Clearly, a business is unique, its’ organisational culture is unlike that of competitors and so are its’ problems and opportunities.

So for this reason, every platform we deliver is unique too. Of course, at the core of each platform, some functionalities are the same e.g. social feed, collaboration mechanisms, etc. But just as this is true, every platform also has its unique features. Now, here comes the tricky part.

Even if initially tailored to the purpose, it would be naïve to assume that the perfect platform for a company today will remain perfect in a year’s time. Indeed, environment and strategies evolve – and so should the very tool that stands at the center of all communications.

Together with the agencies/consultancy firms that know the end clients the best, we work endlessly to support organisations all the way to ensure that their platforms remain at all times relevant and as a result support what matters most: the achievement of business results.

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