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The platform

internalDesk scores amongst the top 7% ESNs out there

Apart from commonly known and proven methods of interaction– such as messaging, status updates, comments, likes, etc. – internalDesk offers many other features to facilitate real time exchange and ensure the rapid dissemination of internal information. Information libraries, curated and targeted articles, feeds, events, surveys, videos, or recognition, are just some of these features.

Whether it’s from a laptop or a mobile device, a key rule for employee engagement online is to drive emotions and actions through the screen. All of internalDesk’s features have been built from the ground up to enable just that.

internalDesk has been carefully designed to take employee engagement to the next level.

A sample of features

  • Social feed
  • Events
  • Notifications
  • Document management
  • Integrations
  • Profiles
  • Activities
  • Recognitions
  • Many languages available
  • Data security
  • Messaging and chats
  • Surveys
  • Articles and Videos
  • Statistics and Admin
  • Guaranteed +99% uptime


You cannot improve what you cannot measure

Monitor progress, view detailed statistics and generate complete reports. Whether you are an agency/consultancy firm partner to internalDesk or a project staff at the client, admin controls make it easy to set up, launch and manage your platform.

Helping clients succeed

Real-time data will help you see the big picture. By using internalDesk’s dashboards you are able to easily visualise key data points and turn relevant numbers into insightful reporting for the various stakeholders.


People make business happen – not features

For what we know, Tech is not the differentiating factor. Too many organisations indeed assume that it suffices to plug-it in and it will play on its own. Wrong. Employees make business happen – features are just enablers.

For this reason – and as part of our offer – internalDesk comes with a Service layer.

Typically, we work together with agencies/consultancy firms. This, we know, is the fastest and safest way to deliver better business results to organisations.


Always ready to help

You’d be surprised to know how many users typically quit even before starting. We don’t blame them. After all, why should they struggle at all. At internalDesk, our support teams are always online ready to chat with users when they need help.

Beyond helping users, our online support-chat allows you – whether you are an agency/consultancy firm working for your clients or an internal project team – to focus on higher value work while we cover the bases.


Our teams go the extra-mile

A unique platform for a unique client based on a unique set of challenges and opportunities is part of what makes internalDesk different.

To allow that, our in-house development team will work with you so you may deploy the best possible platform.

Common requests to further align internalDesk to end-client’s environments include connecting with the clients’ existing portals though Single Sign-On (SSO), integrations, language-translations or development of specific features, to better cater for the client’s needs.

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