FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

+ There are so many platforms out-there, how is internalDesk different?

+ Can I use your platform for short term projects and/or long-term engagements?

+ What do you mean by ‘customisation’ & ‘modules'?

+ What sort of features does your platform have?

+ Can non-office workers use internalDesk?

+ Can I access the platform from any device even after business hours?

+ Does internalDesk have push-notifications like I have on my Facebook or LinkedIn?

+ We are a global company with many languages in different part of the world. Do you have other languages than English available?

+ How soon can I launch my customised platform?

+ Do you use gamification?

+ What could gamification do for my company?

+ What sort of support and service level can I expect?

+ Does internalDesk provide training for the users?

+ What sort of SLA can I, as a customer, expect?

+ Will I get help moderating/administering the platform?

+ My IT department requires SSO-login – is that something internalDesk does?

+ Can internalDesk integrate other tools, applications into its platform?

+ We have very strict rules and protocols when it comes to data security. What does internalDesk do to protect our data?

+ My ESN is not working, can internalDesk help?

+ We are currently using Yammer but we are struggling to reach the usage level we had hoped for. What could we expect from using your platform?

+ At our company, we publish a lot of content. We want to be able to direct articles to the right audience at the right time. Does internalDesk offer such possibility?

+ My company has a very stale LMS. In fact, very few ever use the online courses available. Can internalDesk help?

+ Can I do pilot for a smaller audience before I commit to a larger portion of my organisation?

+ How much does it cost with you?

+ I would like to become an internalDesk partner, where should I start?

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